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US-1633594-A: Retted bagasse fiber and process of producing same patent, US-1633789-A: Combined sliding and swinging window patent, US-1634317-A: Impeller balancing and sealing device patent, US-1634337-A: Gate hinge patent, US-1635096-A: Adapter coil patent, US-1635342-A: Safety razor with rolling blade patent, US-1635944-A: Cable guide patent, US-1636122-A: Hood apron patent, US-1636826-A: Pump patent, US-1637232-A: Manure spreader patent, US-1637435-A: Electric oven patent, US-163813-A: Improvement in patent, US-1638251-A: Washer patent, US-1638596-A: Combined temperature and pressure regulator patent, US-163921-A: Improvement in cultivators patent, US-1639866-A: Gate for railroad crossings patent, US-1640574-A: Smelting furnace patent, US-1641654-A: Method and means for measuring volt amperes patent, US-1642035-A: Window regulator patent, US-1642262-A: Piebre pennabtz patent, US-1642465-A: Tooth and massage brush patent, US-1642852-A: Adjustable locking means for locking cutting tools into tool holders patent, US-1643295-A: Manicuring device patent, US-1643403-A: Watch barrel patent, US-1643749-A: Hanger for overhead trackways patent, US-1644195-A: Method of producing wooden articles patent, US-1645338-A: Means for maintaining the temperature of the fluid in circulating systems patent, US-1645722-A: Relief-valve mechanism for oil tanks patent, US-1647254-A: Cutting sheet material patent, US-1647268-A: buffington patent, US-164785-A: Improvement in cylinder washing-machines patent, US-1648898-A: Commutator electricity meter patent, US-1650797-A: Valve patent, US-1650998-A: Parachute fabric patent, US-1651027-A: Method of increasing the activity of yeast and activator for yeast patent, US-1652479-A: Brake for automobile vehicles patent, US-1652663-A: Exhibitor patent, US-1652897-A: Cover and operating means for dials of permutation locks patent, US-1652977-A: Wrench patent, US-1653217-A: Combustion turbine patent, US-1653474-A: Wall-board edge patent, US-1654122-A: Tube-frame bracket patent, US-1654787-A: Arm rest patent, US-1655014-A: Coffeepot patent, US-1655387-A: Woven fabric and the process of its manufacture patent, US-1655749-A: Rotary pump patent, US-1656861-A: Derrick patent, US-1656987-A: Ultrahigh-frequency generator patent, US-1657630-A: Nail distributor patent, US-1658422-A: Fiber-box-making machine patent, US-1658761-A: Radioantenna patent, US-1658847-A: Bumper patent, US-1659086-A: Manufacture of high-grade apple juice patent, US-165952-A: Improvement in apparatus for the manufacture of bayonet-scabbards patent, US-1659780-A: Hair drier patent, US-1659793-A: Diallylcyanamide patent, US-1660640-A: Paper-making machine patent, US-1661269-A: Automobile water gauge patent, US-1661310-A: Valve mechanism patent, US-1661761-A: Apparel corset patent, US-1661845-A: Gas-range valve and operating member therefor patent, US-1662267-A: Water cooler patent, US-1663071-A: Track liner patent, US-1663395-A: Rake patent, US-1664286-A: Pencil-vending machine patent, US-1664396-A: Sheet wall tiling patent, US-1664533-A: Machine for comparing punched cards patent, US-1664597-A: Cigar lighter patent, US-1666298-A: Curtain ring patent, US-1666946-A: Combination doll and radio set patent, US-1667079-A: Core-making machine patent, US-1667186-A: Muzzle attachment for guns patent, US-1667271-A: Handle attachment for drills patent, US-1668717-A: Counter patent, US-1669168-A: Coking oven patent, US-1669459-A: Blower unit patent, US-1669983-A: Napkin support patent, US-1670793-A: Program device patent, US-1670873-A: Threader for paper-drying machines patent, US-167132-A: Improvement in wagon-wheels patent, US-1671550-A: Safety-latch split electrical plug patent, US-1672178-A: Winding-drum actuating and controlling mechanism patent, US-1672488-A: Adjustable gauge patent, US-1673463-A: Battery seal patent, US-1673737-A: Automobile lock patent, US-1674749-A: Animal-racing apparatus patent, US-1674755-A: Metal weather strip patent, US-16752-A: Improvement in the manufacture of tin pans patent, US-1676196-A: Typographical distributing bar patent, US-1676382-A: Fastener patent, US-1677440-A: Process of treating petroleums patent, US-1677680-A: Cigarette machinery patent, US-1677746-A: Bending machine patent, US-1678263-A: Runner blade for steam turbines patent, US-1678606-A: Electric lamp patent, US-1678889-A: Thermostatic material patent, US-1679494-A: Fabrik augsburg-n ornberg a patent, US-1680140-A: Gin-breast lift patent, US-1680818-A: Antirachitic product and process patent, US-1682011-A: Automatic take-up for connecting rods patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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